About Us

Khora is a virtual reality production house, the world’s first virtual reality store, and a hub for innovators.
We push to expand this technology’s potential and would like to share our knowledge along the way. Combining a storefront, educational platform, and lab space, Khora aims to integrate people of all ages and walks of life who share a common interest in this emerging technology.

Vision & Mission

Virtual Reality is a new communication medium that can revolutionize the world in which we live in under many aspects. Khora wants to discover its potential, and use it for exciting and valuable projects.


Khora is a concept derived from Plato, and is defined as a place between the real and non-real that wavers between the sensible and the intelligible.

With this in mind, Khora was created to become a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. It is here that we try to create space for people to develop and let loose their wildest imaginations.


Go behind the scenes and meet the wonderful people that make the Khora team. And if you want to be one of us, check out our Careers page and see if there is any open position fitted for you.

Press Highlights

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