Book a Workshop as a fun way to start the Christmas party!

With a workshop at Khora you will try Virtual Reality on different platforms, with many different experiences.

Maybe you really want to shoot zombies? Maybe you are more into drawing a beautiful painting in space? Or maybe you just really want to get teleported to a more exotic place than cold and frosty Denmark. Everything is possible in Virtual Reality.

General Workshop – Approx. 2 hour duration Customized Workshop – Approx. 2.5 hour duration
Included in this workshop is:

30 minutes introduction to Virtual Reality.

1.5 hour of testing out the latest technologies in Virtual Reality.

Included in this workshop is:

30 mins presentation about Virtual Reality and the potential it holds for your industry.

1.5 hour of testing the latest, handpicked videos/demos within your industry.

Roundtable Q & A about the possibilities and limitations.


1.000kr. + 400kr. p/person (excl. vat.)


6000kr. + 400kr. p/person (excl. vat.)


Or contact us directly at or +45 3116 9181

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