Khora Productions

What we do?

We work within a wide span of business areas and industries. Our expertise ranges from 360 video productions to interactive 3D applications for both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

We pride ourselves on creating high quality VR content that adds value and makes the best use of the medium.  Through exciting collaborations, we have created various projects that you can view below.


Being new in VR development and in retrospect, we should have asked Khora to do the concept development as well.

– Troels Nim Andersen
Project Leader | Universe

Khora VR has been really great at giving us an introduction to virtual reality, explain the possibilities of the media […, and] they have also been really excellent at developing our own ideas.

– Hans Reymann-Carlsen
Vice President | Forsikring & Pension

[Our VR sampling simulation was] convincing of product functionality and security that could otherwise only be achieved through much longer discussions that users attending Drink Japan may tend to avoid otherwise.

– Lukas Salomon
Digital Content Manager | Keofitt

We had huge awareness during the trade show – everyone found virtual reality very exciting, surprising, new and super easy.

You guys did an amazing job. Everything worked!

– Lone Christensen
Director | Aktiv Guld