Client: Wonderful Copenhagen & M/S Museet for Søfart

Target Medium: Samsung Gear VR

Link: Tourism+Culture Lab Report on the impact of the VR experience

Task: The project was created for the largest tourism organization in Denmark (Wonderful Copenhagen) as part of a pilot project seeking to explore the potential of using VR at Danish museums. This VR experience contains a mixture of 360-degree video and 3D animation and was exhibited on the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, located in the city of Helsingør.

Customized VR podiums with ‘plug’n’play’ ready equipment were placed in the museum’s exhibition hall for visitors to try out. The experience unfolds the historic creation of the museum and visualizes the transformation from dry dock to the architectural pearl that the museum has become today. As many of the museum’s international visitors are particularly interested in architecture, the goal of this project was to share an untold story about the museum in a new and engaging way. Furthermore, the objective was to explore whether VR should be used as a compelling communication and storytelling tool for future exhibitions.

A report documenting the results and effects of this VR exhibition shows that the target group received the new VR medium well as a storytelling tool and as an enhancement of the overall museum experience. The report is available for reading here.

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