Keofitt VR & AR

Client: Keofitt

Target: HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS

Virtual Reality: Explaining the unique benefits of sterilized valve sampling can be a visualization challenge, even for the world’s leaders on the subject, Keofitt. In order to tackle this issue at the Drink Japan 2017 exhibit in Tokyo, Khora created a clear visual experience in Virtual Reality displaying Keofitt’s valves’ unique engineering that makes them a market leader.

Additionally, to test the potential consumer’s knowledge assimilation, Khora have created a sampling game simulation that demonstrated the different steps at a production line, using different sampling valves.
The whole experience is available both in English and Japanese.

Augmented Reality: As an addition to Keofitt’s Virtual Reality solution, Khora also developed an Augmented Reality mobile application within the same focus area. By using Keofitts’s own physical valve, as a marker, the phone tracks the valve and places a 3D layer on top of the valve. From here the user can compare a traditional valve against Keofitts improved and beneficial valves.

The AR app also leaves Keofitt with a lot of flexibility when demonstrating their solutions around the world.