Client: Carlsberg Byen

Target Medium: HTC Vive Pro

Task: The former home to the world-famous Carlsberg Breweries in the heart of Copenhagen is being developed into the vibrant and diverse Carlsberg City District (Carlsberg Byen).
By 2021 around 80% of the area will have been developed and by 2024 the Carlsberg City District is fully established. It will comprise 600 km2. 50% will be residential buildings providing 3.100 new homes, 35% will be offices and retail stores and will be 15% educational institutions, culture, and sports facilities, providing 12.000 jobs.

In the summer of 2019, Carlsberg Byen introduced a new virtual reality experience to showcase and sell yet unbuilt apartments. It gives potential buyers the opportunity to experience the spatiality of their future home, the option to customize kitchen features and to explore the view of the surrounding environments from the apartment balcony.

Using Khora’s technical expertise in VR and 3D modeling, the collaboration has resulted in a photorealistic and interactive VR experience of a 3rd-floor apartment at Caroline Hus, on display at Carlsberg Byen’s official showroom every Sunday during open house.

Client’s Testimony

At Carlsberg Byen we are building a completely new City District with 3100 new housing types by 2024. By creating an entire housing project in VR, buyers now have the opportunity to see exactly how their home will look when they move in and explore the views of Carlsberg Byen from the windows.

We’ve had a great dialogue with Khora. They have been listening to our needs and requirements and we’ve received a product with a high level of detail in really good quality.

– Anette Langberg
Head of Marketing | Carlsberg Byen

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