Client: Tivoli

Target Medium: HTC Vive Pro, HP Z VR Backpack

Imagine that you are wearing special designed Virtual Reality equipment. You are going on a journey, where you have to walk and face relatively demanding physical obstacles, with wind in your hair. That is exactly what you will be facing in Tivoli’s VR experience.

Bring The Spring is a newly developed Virtual Reality journey, where the guests rise to the air in a hot air balloon, walk through clefts, fight swarms of ice crystals and face hungry bears. This, and a lot more, must be done before the guests are released into the Spring, after a long cold Winter journey. It all takes place in the H.C. Andersen Castle. The total VR experience takes a minimum of 5 minutes to complete.

Press: Bring The Spring received massive media coverage and reviews from Denmark’s most respected newspapers and TV stations. All reviews can be accessed through the following links:

Politiken review

Berlingske review

TV2 Lorry feature & review

ComputerWorld review

Ingeniøren review

Politiken pre-release article

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