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Wherever we go, we love to inspire and introduce people to VR and AR.

We are proud that, over the course of 2 years, we have been called 475 times to do what we are passionate about, making us one of the most experienced partners in the Nordics in VR and AR events and workshops.

What are you looking for?


2 Hours Company Workshops

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not just about gaming. Companies are increasingly investing in VR and AR technologies to improve processes, and search for new business opportunities. Immersive technologies have an extraordinary potential of impacting many industries. If you want to inspire your team and get them ready for the future, we are here for you.

In a 2h workshop, you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the hardware, learn more about current industry applications, and how will the future look like, once VR and AR take over our lives. It’s the perfect activity to make your team think about how will your organization benefit from these technologies.

Bellow you can find the 2 packages that we can offer.

  • 1.000kr. + 400kr. p/ person (excl. vat.)
  • Up to 25 people
  • Facilitated by our Senior Consultants
  • Demonstration of headsets and experiences/games
  • 45 mins. presentation “General Introduction to VR and AR”
  • Q&A Session

  • 6.000kr. + 400kr. p/ person (excl. vat.)
  • Up to 60 people
  • Facilitated by our Senior Consultants
  • Demonstration of hand picked VR and/or AR experiences/applications within your industry
  • 45 mins. presentation on VR and/or AR, uncovering the potential for your industry
  • Q&A roundtable

Company Events

You can’t come to Khora to experience VR? Don’t worry! We can take VR or AR to your event. We have a vast experience in taking VR and AR to different events across the country, we provide the equipment, setup on location and have a professional team ready to assist your guests or staff.

Let us know when, where, and how many people is the event for, and if you have any special requests of things that you would want to do in VR/AR.

School Workshops

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are here to stay, and will impact the way the teens of today will live and work tomorrow. Professionals in Sciences, History, Business, Arts, and Technology areas are already using VR and AR to their benefit, and the applications will only keep on multiplying.

Our school workshops take between 2 and 3 hours and includes a demonstration of the different headsets, different VR experiences, and an interactive lecture and assignment about the world of virtual reality.

Get your students ready for what tomorrow brings, by introducing them to the future today.

Folkeskoler, Efterskoler & Højskoler
  • 80kr. p/ person (excl. vat.) – minimum 1.000kr.
  • Up to 25 students
  • From 7th Grade to 10th Grade

Gymnasier, Erhvervskoler & Universiteter
  • 110kr. p/ person (excl. vat.) – minimum 1.000kr.
  • Up to 25 students
  • From 10th Grade and up

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